Gallery 9-People

Some attempts at sketching people.


This was based on a sketch from a photograph.


The hands and faces were deliberately left vague as this is a sketch.


The shadow was put in on each person first, assuming that the light came from the left.  Ultramarine and raw umber were used. For the skin, burnt umber and cadmium red were used although vermillion is preferred.

A second attempt at People. Shadow on man near centre looks too dark. Background a bit too bland.

From a sketch by Jo Murphy, Warwick.

Some of the grandchildren at a more or less ready-built den at Compton Verney. I deliberately avoided trying to put in their features. This sketch is based on a photo.

The dark bit in the centre of the den detracts from the overall effect.

Bradford on Avon Rowing Club August 2014 (BOARC)

Late Sunday morning, a group of men slowly walked over the bridge and assembled by what I presume is a boathouse. It was warm: some took off their coats........and waited.........




Boarc but with deeper green.
Pastel. Jo Murphy's art class. Warwick 10th March 2015
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