Gallery 8- Experimental

Flower painting with background removed.
An imaginary scene, post processed using San Carmen effect on 1&1 website
Indiglow post processing

Based on a photograph taken in Nice  in 2014. I made a quick ink sketch and then applied watercolour washes without trying to keep within the boundaries of the line.









Greens added after reds.

The greens were painted before the rose/violet.

Cling film applied to acrylic paint which was very dilute. It was allowed to dry and the film was peeled off.

Just outside Grasmere village, looking towards the Lion and the Lamb
imaginary landscape exercise
A first attempt at a landscape using oil paints.
This was an old sketch which I coloured today, 11th April 2015 with some oil-based coloured pencils, as an experiment.

Pencil drawing with watercolour lightly applied.

An attempt at a stormy sky with sea.

Simple print of can made by transferring image from a plastic sheet and finishing with watercolour washes. Rough watercolour paper.

First use of acrylic ink
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